Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Marten Creek

Sunny day... Sweepin' the clouds away... and the snow! A fun but snow-free trip.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This route was snow-free. We only saw a small patch or two of snow in shaded areas. The trail is rather rough and unmaintained with rocks and roots abounding. In fact, I'd say that this route is more fun as a snowshoe when the snowpack covers up and smooths over the trail's surface! 

Marteen Creek TrailAccording to the Washington Trails Association, Marten Creek Trail #713 hasn't been maintained much recently and I would definitely agree that's the case! You will probably have the trail all to yourself: Mount Dickerman, Lake 22, and Vesper Peak are all nearby and offer more scenic views. Although this trail has only one modest view, it is charming and quiet, with the creek occasionally visible and audible. The trail stays high above the creek on the east side of the valley and does not get much sun. It is heavily shaded by the dense trees.

The trail is initially steep, in a sort staircase-like way, and has several fallen trees blocking it. Occasional branches have also fallen onto the trail but otherwise it was pretty straightforward hiking.Interesting tree with roots on a boulder

This trail is based on an old and very eroded and overgrown road that leads to a mine. The mine, however, is really hard to find and you probably won't see it. (In 2 treks on this trail I have yet to get any inkling of its location.) You will soon enter the Boulder River Wilderness, just after passing a tree plantation area. The trail continues to climb, but becomes less steep. At 1.6 miles in, you pass just below the very tail end of an avalanche run-out path then at 2 miles you cross over the very end of a large avalanche chute - take extra care while crossing this section.

Avalanche chute crossing over the Marteen Creek Trail #713

Currently this large avalanche chute is full of loose rocks and other debris, such as splintered trees. The trail always parallels Marten Creek but never draws very close to the water. Eventually, around 2.5-3 miles, the trail dwindles to nothing. The distance listed for this trail at the Mountaineers website of 7 miles is inaccurate- the trail really just vanishes in less than 3 miles from the trailhead.  There is also one spot where you must clamber over a jumble of fallen trees, rocks, with water (snowmelt) is running underneath. Slow down and take your time here.  This is an out & back route with no trail junctions so navigation is straightforward.  If you try to approach Marten Creek towards where the trail peters out you will find yourself in a boggy area that turns to swamp!

view from Marten Creek Trail #713