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Basic Snowshoe - Marten Creek

A nice hike along the creek but no snowshoes needed at this time

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

The forest and creek were lovely but the trail was alternating dirt and icy snow at the beginning. Later it was mainly snow but still frozen, requiring microspikes and not appropriate for snowshoes because of deep footsteps from earlier travelers. Several crossings of downed logs were tricky but only added to the enjoyment (really!). We enjoyed a few views of Three Fingers and nearer summits.  It was a relaxed trip with an enjoyable, social group. We found a sunny spot in an open area near the end of the trail for lunch.


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SuJ'n Chon
SuJ'n Chon says:
Jan 29, 2017 12:18 PM

I'm sorry to hear that the snow conditions were not in the group's favor for snowshoeing but it sounds like it was still a nice time with good people and beautiful environment!