Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Lake Kachess & Box Canyon Creek

Great day in the snowy woods with views of Lake Kachess and surrounding mountains.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • The snow was fine for snowshoeing. A base of packed snow had a few inches of fresh powder on top. This is a forest road walk, so all creeks flowed through culverts under the road. The frst mile is shared with snowmobiles, but there were ony two as it was a Wednesday.

This is a good Basic or perhaps even Beginner Snowshoe trip. I have asked that it be tagged for "Snowshoe." The drive in is quite easy, the road is paved. There was fresh snowfall the night before but our AWD vehicles did fine. A snow plow came through after we parked. I was susrprised because this sno-park is posted for plowing on Mondays. In this Sno-park, you park on the east side of the road. The turnaround is reserved for the snowplow and  snowmobiles may be offloaded there. On Wednesday there were few other vehicles. On a weekend  get there early. The ranger office told me that vehicles on the road outside the Sno-park boundary are towed.

We had a great day. The weather was better than forecast. Just a light snowfall and some sun. Because the snow was easy on snowshoes today, we made good time to the Box Canyon Creek Swimming Hole which is very pretty.  On the way back we stopped at the campground boat launch for a good view of the lake.

Waterfall in winter

Mountain lake in snow.