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Basic Snowshoe - Hyak Lake

3.25 mile out and back trip through the forest to Hyak Lake.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow was soft and fluffy but heavy. Good snowman snow. The trail markers on the trees were helpful but you had to know where to look to get started on the snowshoe trail. I had a GPS track to help us find it. We left the parking area net to Silver Fir lodge and cut through the trees then joined the cat track a short distance until crossing Hyak Creek. Just across the creek on the right are the small yellow circle and blue diamond tree markers for the snowshoe trail. It was not well traveled so we rotated breaking trial along side a set of Nordic ski tracks. The trial to the lake is a gentle but steady gain of 650 feet with a few short steep sections. At one point the trail crosses a cat track of the Nordic ski area. Cross cautiously with skiers coming downhill. It was not obvious where the trail was on the other side and again the GPS track helped confirm where to go. We took a lunch break at Hyak Lake and broke trail around the lake and headed back down. The total mileage was 3.25 miles and it took us about 3 hours

The roads were bare and wet. We parked at Silver Fir Lodge at 8:00 which was before ski traffic and mostly empty. The trek was 3.25 miles along the snowshoe trail to Hyak  Lake, around the lake, and back down. We took our time and were car to car in 3 hours. The snow coming down was softer and more slippery with the warming of the day. Those with Basic snowshoes had issues slipping. Those with backcountry snowshoes with more teeth on the rails had much better traction.