Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Heather Lake (winter)

Limited visibility. Lots of snow bombs.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Road slushy.  Snow levels low at trail head and lots of snow further up.  Some spots with slippery snow covered rocks.

The road was slushy but driveable.  We put on snowshoes at the trail head but removed them shortly after because there were too many bare and rocky sections.  Put the snow shoes back on about a half mile from the lake as it was deeper snow up above.

Wet snow when we met at the ranger station but not too bad higher up.  We did have precipitation all day but mostly dry snow.  When we got back down it was turning to rain.

The lake was pleasant but views were limited.  We did not try to travel around the lake because of avalanche danger on the slopes above and the weather was not conducive to travel.   Watching the wind blow around the lake shore was dropping very large snow bombs off the trees.  (aka, idiot makers)  On the trip we all got bombed off and on.  Lots of stuff dropping off the trees.

Still an enjoyable day for questionable weather.

Much slushier at the trailhead when we got back than when we started.  Around 4 miles total trip distance and about 3.5 hours of travel.