Trip Report    

Basic Snowshoe - Franklin Falls

Frigid temperatures for this short trip provided opportunity to test effectiveness of cold-weather apparel and preparations. Surprising number of other people at the Falls for such a cold day (+14º)

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
    • We started from the I-90/SR 906 overpass and took Denny Creek Road to Franklin Falls.  This route was well trodden and compacted by many previous snowshoers and walkers. Apparently many know about the car break-in hazard at the Asahel Curtis Sno-Park and, instead, opt for this approach. Although we all wore snowshoes, microspikes would have been sufficient today. Snow depth of several feet except on Denny Creek Rd underneath I-90 where snow depth was as little as one inch.
    • We arrived at The Summit parking area at 8:00am and parking along SR 906 was already filling up.  Probably due to the MLK holiday and clear blue, sunny skies.  Surrounding mountain scenery was fabulous.
    • Minimal hazard on this route, except for other people who stopped on the steepest section or middle of the track to put on traction devices or tried to squeeze past on a narrow section above the river (rather than waiting for our person on the path to make it across, first).

Today’s trip to Franklin Falls was the alternate destination for originally scheduled Basic Snowshoe trip to Pipe Creek. Rescheduled due to extreme weather conditions at Blewett Pass (+4º air temp with -10º windchill) This short trip was chosen to minimize exposure to the extremely low temperatures and windchill, and still enjoy a pretty day together in the snow.  For this trip to Franklin Falls, the air temp was +14º. This route was mostly out of the wind although there several with red noses and fingers that took awhile to warm up (thank you for hotties).  Everyone in the group were experienced snowshoers, as well as handling frigid conditions.   Lots of expertise exchange amongst the group on gear, clothing and practices for staying warm.  Smiles all around upon returning to warm vehicles.

Video of the falls today - https://youtube.com/shorts/KfLYxkHVF2M