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Basic Snowshoe - Crystal Mountain Ski Area

We arrived at Crystal Mountain Resort and were greeted with light snowfall. By the time we reshuffled vehicles (due to new parking signage), held a briefing, and began our trip, the snowfall stopped. We utilized a variety of trails and non-motorized roads to meander up the hillside. By then, the sun briefly appeared and we used the opportunity to take photos. After enjoying lunch, the return was at a faster pace; mostly downhill back to the trailhead. After a debrief, everyone safely returned to their vehicles to drive home.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

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Debbie Knickerbocker
Debbie Knickerbocker says:
Feb 02, 2023 02:45 PM

Due to some new signage, a few of the roads previously available to snowshoers, are now categorized as "Motorized Vehicles Only". Resort roads and trails now have specific designations for use, reducing potential vehicle accidents, however it also reduces the flexibility of developing a longer snowshoe trip without adding more elevation.