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Basic Rock Climb - Ingalls Peak/South Ridge

Last day of summer celebration

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

This time of year with weather this good reinforces how beautiful this place is.  A team of advanced rock climbing students made this trip a joy.  


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Fred Bumstead
Fred Bumstead says:
Sep 30, 2019 04:21 PM

A heads up comment about current conditions for this climb. Climbers rapping from the intermediate station located about 2 o'clock on top of the first main belay station were knocking rocks down on my second. Ropes from that intermediate station run right over a notch full of loose stuff. One rock hit the pack of my second. Kinda scarry. All the times I've done Ingalls there has never been much rockfall. If climbers are rapping this intermediate, single rope route, you may want to wait to start.