Trip Report    

Basic Canyon - Quicksilver Creek

Great weather, great conditions, great crew.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Quicksilver is in great condition. The trailhead is easy to access (bumpy road but doable even in a 2wd vehicle). The trail is great, but beware it's a shared use trail and mountain bikers can catch you off guard. We found them to be very cautious and respectful though. Forecast was 85 degrees. The water was still very cold, but the open canyon and warm air temps made for a perfectly pleasant day. All anchors are in great condition, and the water levels were very friendly. Pools were still deep enough to jump. Exit trail could still use some work, but it wasn't a big deal.

67969652_10162220483725595_5051201055598051328_o.jpg85 degrees; friendly but fun water flow; wind-less wind tunnel. This canyon really has it all: slides, jum67444798_10162220483875595_1383184931957506048_o.jpgps, exposure, views, and fun technical rigging. All packed into a relaxed 6 hour day. The highlight was the group for sure. Everyone looked out for each other and the team work was on point. Everyone used their strengths to contribute, and also took time to practice & learn new things. We were able to safely & efficiently switch up roles/responsibilities at each obstacle because everyone was game for taking the time to make a plan as a group. I'd go out with this crew anytime.67518402_10162220484665595_1346687992093212672_o.jpg67799575_10162220485955595_6304573620395966464_o.jpg