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Basic Alpine Climb - Unicorn Peak

Great day on Unicorn peak capitalizing on a short weather window

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road is now open to the trailhead.

    The route is in great shape. Consistent snow coverage the entire way. Snow was soft, boot penetration average about 4", with very occasional postholing. One person booted the whole way, two others did a combo of skinning or booting. We carried crampons but they were not needed.

    Snow was great for kicking steps. The moat at the top of the couloir is still filled in and easily crossable, though some cracks are starting to show on the sides. I'm guessing it will start to open up more within a week or so. We were able to ski down it without transitioning.

    Summit block is snow free. Rap station is in good shape.

    Skied all the way from the summit ridge to the lake. Had to ski across some avy debris but it was soft. No signs of instability while we were up there.

    C2C about 6 hours