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Basic Alpine Climb - The Castle/East Ridge

The Castle BA Climb

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • the route was still mostly covered in snow.

We approached via the pinnacle/plumber saddle trail but it was almost entirely snow covered still.  Additionally it was raining most of the day.  Once at the saddle we traversed under Pinnacle to the easy class 2 ledge steps to gain the ridge se of the Castle and followed this back up NW to the base of the climb.

The climb was in rain with wet rock and fog.  However, the rock was surprisingly grippy still and no one had any trouble climbing it in these obnoxious conditions.  

For the descent we went down the winter route (due north towards Reflection lakes).  The entire route down was also still snow covered.  

Note for those that needed credit this should count as the listed BA status as this entire climb was done in wet winter climbing conditions.  Participants should also have their heads checked for agreeing to even start in the morning and leave the cars in a drizzling rain.  Everyone did fantastic in very sub-optimal conditions.  (-: