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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Reynolds Peak

Leisurely outing in a lovely area.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We had scramble conditions on this trip. Summit block was snow-free. No ropes or protection needed. Carried ropes and pickets but did not use. Cinderella snow due to very warm conditions (80's in Seattle and much warmer in nearby Twisp).


Trip Dates: 5/27-5/28/2017

Approach was the crux of this trip due to log crossings. Summit was straight-forward and offered grand views in all directions. Except for the three people we saw headed out on Day 1, we had the place to ourselves. Route offered some nice glissades on the way down. Annoying little trees under the snow schooled us all in post-holing.

Day 1:
Eastgate P&R: 8 AM
Lunch in Twisp (~1 hour)
Started Hiking Reynolds Creek Trail #402: 2:30 PM
Arrived at Camp ~5600': 7 PM

Drive to Twisp via I-90 and SR97 was very scenic and green. The road is paved all but last couple miles to TH. Trail has some brush to go around, but not bad. There was a recent mudslide along and overflowing the first creek bed a couple miles in. Mud was deep but mostly dry and included some bear tracks.

Trail was under snow starting at about 4200'. Temps were 80's in Seattle and even warmer in Eastern WA. Creeks and rivers were really swollen and pounding. Approach included three exciting creek crossings. Fortunately we found adequate logs for each. #1 was pretty straight forward. #2 we crawled across the log #because it was still 1/2 covered in snow. #3 was a very large diameter log we could walk across like a bridge. Travel on snow through open forest was reasonably pleasant aside from the occasional post hole step. We make our way upstream to where the basin opened up with views at ~5600'. We camped in the trees adjacent to the S Fork of Remolds creek, just below the basin.

Day 2:
Departed Camp: 5 AM
Summit: 9-10 AM
Camp: Noon
Packup and eat: Noon-1 PM
Camp-Car: 1-4 PM