Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - North Bessemer Mountain

12 mile road walk (round trip), plus brushy traverse, and wet mossy slabs? Count me in!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Probably as good as the route ever gets.  Don't go if it has rained in the last day or two, the brush is slippery when dry, I can only imagine how bad it would be wet.

The true, north summit of Bessemer is difficult to get to, mainly due to the traverse required from the Bessemer road.  Staying high is a good idea.  Getting off the SE ridge at 4500' is the crux.  Try to find a spot with large trees & ample veggie belay (or set a handline).

The next key area is when ascending the talus towards the summit ridge, you need to go right onto slabs at about 4700' to get into the next gully.  Steep going up, I exited left before a tree with slings on it.  We did a double (30m) rope rappel from here on the way down.

Summit block itself is easy 4th/low 5th if you go left.  We cleaned up the old anchor material that appeared to have been there a very long time, and set up some new slings.  It would be a good idea to bring tied webbing on this trip as it is doubtful it will be good by the next time someone is there.


9 hours round trip from the spur road below south bessemer, mainly due to routefinding through the brush.  Could easily save several hours on a return trip (not that I would ever go back).  

We had excellent weather and motivated group of 3, which made this trip very worthwhile.