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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Mount Shuksan/Sulphide Glacier

Bugs! Alternate campsite w/Privy and running water.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail has been maintained.  The log jams have been cut through and moved to the side.  Made that part of the trail manageable.  Snow is soft and boot path has been melting out due to high temperatures.  

The bugs are awful! Bring netting and spray. It is almost impossible to stop anywhere in the wooded part of the trail without being bitten and attacked by flies and mosquitoes.  The privy with the view of Mt. Baker is closed and has not been replaced due to the cost of getting a new one flown in.  The other privy is at the base of the glacier.  Go over the notch, across the snow and boulder field and below the snowhill to your left.  There is a first set of rocks, a small gulley and then another set of rocks.  That is your destination.  Snow camping is available as well as a few rock sites.  The privy is below that. On your trip up to the pyramid - Please be aware - the crevasses are starting to open, so make sure you get up to the snowfield after you get camp set up to get a good view of the route before going out in the morning. The climbers trail melts out quickly in this weather.  So following the boot path may not work. You need to stay above the crevasse field, or be prepared to take a longer route below.   The snow is melting out at the base of the pyramid and is getting thin.  Use caution while approaching.  As always, lots of loose rock. We were fortunate enough to have the climb and summit to ourselves.  On our way down there were two people headed up to summit and another group of 6 coming in for the next day. Have fun and please be safe out there.  Happy trails!