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Basic Alpine Climb - Mount Hinman/Hinman Glacier

Mt Hinman via necklace valley.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road to the trailhead was in great shape. However, when we arrived at 8:30am and the parking lot was full with at least 12-15 cars along the road.

We started in Saturday morning with the plan to camp at La Boham lakes.  The trail for the first 4.5-5 miles to the river crossing was pleasant and in great shape.  Once we crossed the river the trail becomes anything BUT pleasant.  The 2nd half of the approach was steep and rocky.  There was plenty of water as we approached the upper lakes. 

La Boham gap looked a bit "interesting" so we decided to go up via the waterfall route when we got to the upper basin.  When looking at the waterfall, the trail is actually about 100 yards to the right around a large rock bulge that continues past the lower waterfall.  The route is steep but not exposed.  It would not be a good ascent/descent in rain however.

We camped at lower La Bohan lake and had it to ourselves.  As best we could tell Sunday mid day one we were the only group in the neckless valley and did not see another soul until back at the river crossing mid day Monday. 

The scramble (we did not need a rope for any point in this trail) to the summit heads up due north from La Boham gap (there are a plethora of online maps that show this climbers trail).  The approach was very rocky with lots of boulder hopping but nothing more than easy class 2. 

Several reports i had read described going up the ridge but then going back down skirting on the top of the Hinman Glacier as being easier.  As best we could tell there is NO glacier there at all anymore.  it appeared to be remnant snow fields but it did make the return a bit easier to stay below the ridgeline.  

cars to camp - 7.5 hours.  Camp to summit and back - 6.5 hours. Camp to cars 5.5 hours.