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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Mount Hinman/Hinman Glacier

Very fun 2 day trip including Mt Hinman and LaBohn Peak.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail and climbers path easy to follow.  A few snow patches along the way and plenty of water available just about everywhere.

Climb was revised from a 3 day to 2 which we all felt was appropriate for this peak.  Day 2 gets a bit long, but not tool bad if you pace yourself.  

Many Thanks to the Rope Lead, Mike Pod, as he did this climb two weeks prior and essentially lead the whole trip.  His efficiency trimmed many hours off the approach and route.

Day 1 was light rain and mist, soaking us to the core through the lowland trail.  Sky cleared upon reaching basin before LaBohn Gap.  We chose the waterfall route both up and down which is, despite some bad press, relatively nice traveling.  There is only one unsavory slick mud and tree climb to deal with.  I would not do it if snow existed here, however.  Its steep.
Camped just west of the big LaBohn lake.
A quick 2hr total trip up LaBohn in the evening was well worth the effort.  Mostly C2 and talus hopping.
Got up at 3:30 with plans to see the sunrise on Hinman ridge.  This was a great call.
From camp, traverse SE to a rock bluff and go CCW around it and up the steep talus aiming for a small black waterfall.  Left of that waterfall is a easy talus ramp.  Follow cairns, bits of trail up to the slab area above and enter the high basin.
From this high basin, head north staying well below the SW Hinman ridge.  Travel to its end where the Hinman glacier below presents itself.  Head east on loose talus, going along the west ridge.  The Hinman glacier has 3 lobes, once you see the second and largest lobe, drop down and traverse the easy snow.  We did not bring a rope as the glacier is benign, no cracks, nothing.

Traverse this snow field and cross over the next ridge or cleaver.  The last snow lobe is a steeper traverse.  Head east aprox 300yds then go straight up, the summit will then only be visible.  Summit from here is 50ft walk up.


Day 1 cars to camp 5:50.

Day 2 camp to summit 2:20.  Back at cars at 5pm.