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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Mount Constance/South Chute

Successful climb via the Finger Tip Traverse - wonderful camp at the Lake and quick trip out on Sunday.

  • Road impassable/closed
  • As expected, trail to lake had blowdown in a few places, and last part is steep and class 3 sort of, otherwise very good.

Drove the Dosi road til closure due to landslide.  Used bikes to make quick work of 4.5 miles to trial head.  Hiked up to lake, took 4 hours going at a slow pace for the 2.2 miles, very hot and humid on way up - trail is clear - middle part is beautiful through the woods next to stream.  Last part of trail quite steep, follow metal red squares on trees or other obvious taped markings for right trail up - expect to scramble.  At lake go all the way round following very clear trail to North side - several camping sites with bear wires and compost toilet to use (very civilized). 

Arose the next day at 5am, out of camp at light 5:45 or so, up the South Chute and over - continuing around up to the first notch, then down snow field and left to take the higher route to the FT Traverse (many cairns to follow).  Around that and down the snowfinger to the obvious ramp up to the main summit area.  approaching final ridge, we missed the correct gully going up, the correct gully is not the major gully you see to the right but a smaller one to the left of the major gully, up over to ridge, around to the North and up to summit.  Took 6.5 hours out.  Enjoyed lunch and then downclimbed and followed same route out - getting back to camp by 5:30pm.  No summit register found.  We had short rope and diaper harness but did not use any equipment.

Leisurely breakfast the next morning and 2 hours to hike out, with bikes another 20 minutes back to cars by 10:30am.  Had awesome lunch at 101 Brewery in Quilcene on way back - home by 4:30pm.