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Basic Alpine Climb - Mount Baring/Northwest Ridge

Reasonably good conditions, though a lot of work due to unconsolidated snow. Avy release the day before in the gully reveling a ice layer 6" below surface. Snow wall in good shape for unroped assent.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Muddy trail, reasonable snow on the approach to the ridge.  Ridge mostly snow free.  Unconsolidated for the travers to the saddle, snowshoes required for the basin and gully.  Snow wall in good shape, but unconsolidated snow to the summit.

Muddy trail to start.  Snow around 3400 feet with some punching through.  Not bad going to the ridge.  One party member was too tired to go on at the ridge, so assistant trip leader escorted back to the car. Ridge mostly snow free, traverse to the saddle was semi unconsolidated snow, but managed without snowshoes, crampons not necessary.  Saddle cornices, but there is a break on the north side (reported from party during the previous week) making access to the basin easy.  Unconsolidated snow in the gully required snowshoes.  Avy release from the previous day in the gully.  Snow wall in good shape for establishing steps - went straight up the face, rope not required.  Unconsolidated snow up to the summit.  Route conditions mostly good, but slowed travel.  Weather came in around 2:00, snow above 4800 and rain below with hard rain by the time we were back to the car.