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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Ingalls Peak/South Ridge

Trip started out with an extra mile of hiking due to road closure due to washouts. Weather was less than desirable most of the day. Trip was successful.

  • Road impassable/closed
  • Road closure 1.2 miles from trailhead.  Lake Ann/Ingalls Lake intersection was washout making it unclear for me. I don't do this climb a lot. 

Started at 7:30am 1.2 miles from trailhead.  Weather was rainy until we gained elevation it turned to snowing.  Sun breaks at times.  Intersection for Lake Ann/Ingalls Lake wasn't clear to me so we went right on by it.  Prior to reaching Lake Ann, one of my rope leads (a Scramble Leader) told us about Mount Fortune and since we were there and all off work, let's do it and then we'll at least see Ingalls.  Snow was good but didn't need crampons.  Axes were a must and in some areas we dawned helmets.  Arrived at the base of the Ingalls rock climb at 11:30 (about 2 hours after desired time) but then Mother Nature threw us a curve and the sun broke out.  What were we supposed to do.  We climbed!  Was one of our rope leads first leads and did an awesome job.  All summited by 3:30pm and the rapel one of the most efficient I've been a part of.  Back at the packs by 5:00pm and at the cars at 8:00pm.  Yes it was a long day!  12.8 miles in total.  Lots of elevation gain and loss in the traverse. 

Would totally do this again!