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Trip Report    

Basic Alpine Climb - Black Peak/South Ridge

Great people, weather, & climb

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Trip Times:

  • 5:30am Started hiking up Maple Pass Trail
  • 8:30am Reached Wing Lake, grabbed water from snow-fed stream
  • 9:30am Gained the 8,000’ ridge
  • 10:45am First person on summit
  • 11:00am Everyone on summit
  • 11:30am Group started rappelling down
  • 12:00 Everyone off rappel, started hiking down
  • 12:30pm Back at 8,000’ ridge
  • 4:45pm Back at car


  • The Wing Lake Trail can be approached from either side of Lewis Lake; by staying on-trail around the longer, North side or the more direct, off-trail talus on the South side
  • Running snow-melt can be found on the North side of Wing Lake
  • August can be a good climb month if you prefer talus/scree over snow travel when ascending from Wing Lake to the ridge
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  • There’s a good opportunity to stash snow-gear on the 8,000’ ridge
  • We set up a fixed line for the final 4th class scramble to the summit block. Tat can be found on the summit to both attach a fixed line & rappel off
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