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Bald Mountain via Walt Bailey Trail

On Sunday, 9/28/14, a group of nine Mountaineers enjoyed a great scramble of Bald Mountain. Contra Mussorgsky, we did the trip during the day and had great views in all directions. The quality of the berries varied but some were quite tasty; we watched a bear (from a safe distance) as it enjoyed the berries too.
The road to the trailhead is OK for any vehicle, but there isn't much room for parking, so consolidating car pools is a good idea. The trail is mostly very pleasant but there are a lot of muddy sections, and it's quite slippery in places. There are a lot of confusing use trails among all the little lakes, so stay aware of the direction you want to go. The trail near the peak is pretty easy to follow and goes so high on the peak that it leaves very little to scramble. I would rate it as technical 3 rather than 2 due to the exposure, but it's really quite easy and very short. The rock is solid with excellent friction.