Trip Report    

Backpack - West Fork Foss Lakes

Beautiful trip to Big Heart Lake spread out over a three day weekend

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Drive to the trailhead is in good condition.  Some caution is due at a bridge over a culvert where potholes have developed on the side towards the trailhead.  Slowing and moving to line up tires resolves the issue easily, but be careful.  

    The trail itself is in excellent condition with an easy hike to Trout Lake before the climb up to Copper Lake.  There is a lengthy section of this climb (2000 feet over 2 miles) which is sun exposed and there is limited water access so take what you need from Trout Lake before heading up.  Upon reaching the top, several camp sites were still available even on Labor Day weekend.  

    The trip on to Big Heart Lake was beautiful with great views across the Foss River and to several other lakes on the way in (Little Heart, Delta, Angelique) as well as Glacier Peak.  Campsites were a little more limited at Big Heart, but still available.  

    Swimming was excellent and our awesome group of mountaineers took full advantage!  

    The smoke started coming in Sunday night and by Monday morning we were looking like a foggy day in the fall, but with an evil red eye starting out of the sky!  We got back to the trailhead just before 3pm with some sore throats and eyes from the smoke, but otherwise in good spirits!