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Backpack - Third Beach

Fantastic trip! Dick was an amazing guide from start to finish: his knowledge of the area was clearly encyclopedic, and it made sure that all of the logistics on this trip went like clockwork (e.g., picking a good beach for camping, factoring in the tide schedule when hiking, etc.). The natural setting was beautiful as well, and the weather couldn't have been better this time of year.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Weather was warm and Sunny, minus mornings which were cooler and cloudy.  No road problems.  Parking tight at Third Beach:  many people had to park on the street (and one even got temporarily stuck in a ditch).  Beach was thankfully not overcrowded:  most people were apparently camping at different beaches.  Was important to camp above the tides, which were quite dramatic in size.

  • Red Marker
    47.890724, -124.598815
    47.8907240866 -124.598815442
  • Red Marker
    47.874824, -124.579804
    47.8748236954 -124.579803944

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