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Backpack - Summit Lake

Enjoyable five-mile round trip hike, with a steady 1100 feet elevation gain over uneven terrain to lakeside camping. Possible as a day trip, yet overnight(s) offer more time to enjoy the beauty of Summit Lake.

  • Sat, Aug 11, 2018 — Sun, Aug 12, 2018
  • Backpack - Summit Lake
  • Summit Lake
  • Backpacking
  • Successful
  • Road recommended for high clearance only
  •      The final road to the Summit Lake trailhead is extremely rough, and a vehicle with off-road capabilities is best. There were actually a few cars in the small parking lot when we arrived on an overcast Saturday morning to head out backpacking. Both sunshine and people came out during our return hike the next day, filling the trail with inbound day hikers and off-leash dogs. Additionally, the small parking lot was overflowing by our return to vehicles Sunday around noon.

         The trail appeared well-worn and decently marked to guide hikers to Summit Lake, or one of the other features in the area.  The trail was in fairly good condition with minimal stretches of rocky  terrain, but rarely flat or level. An eighth of a mile in, a water-crossing requires a five-foot log cross, or stepping down into a small stream to continue the trek.

     The Summit Lake backpacking trip Aug 11-12  was excellent. Kudos to leader Dick Hayek and the group, who happily dawned loaded packs  despite a wet forecast that tested our rain gear. This attractive hike had six invigorating round trip miles; additionally, the leader and group were all positive and supportive of all ability levels. I felt the route description was fairly accurate, and my favorite part of this trip was reaching the beautiful lakeside campsites. Several stretches of the trail require single file, but mostly provides side-by-side hiking over uneven terrain with an elevation gain of 1100 feet. This particular overnight trip began on an overcast day with few other day hikers or backpackers on the trail; however, the sun and many more people (including off-leash dogs) were out during our return hike the next day.