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Trip Report    

Backpack - Ozette Triangle

We were so fortunate to have summer like weather for a perfect three days at the Olympic Coast. Lots of roaming on the beaches and sitting in the sun at both South Sand Point, Cape Alava and points beyond all with a great group of participants. It could not have been better!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route was in fine condition.   Typical care had to be used while on the boardwalks out to Sand Point and on the return from Cape Alava.   In addition, there was the normal driftwood along the route on the beach but nothing that created any obstacles.

We hiked out to Sand Point, got on the beach and hiked south to South Sand Point and camped for one night.  We had two terrific camps with part of our party camped in the trees along the bluff just off the beach and the remainder of the group camped a short distance away on the beach.  The camps were close enough so we could all go back and forth at will.  After setting up camp and having lunch we took a leisurely afternoon hike further south to the second headland just before Yellow Banks.

The following day we hiked north back to Sand Point and then on to Wedding Rocks where we spent a little time hunting for and looking at the Native American petroglyphs and then we continued on to Cape Alava for the second nights camp.  For this night we had a large area allowing all eight of us to camp together in a superb spot with a great view of the ocean and all of Cape Alava's many rocky formations and islands.  The remainder of the afternoon was more beach hiking for those who wanted and more relaxation.  

The third day we completed the triangle hiking back out to the trailhead after a short morning hike on the beach.

This trip is one never to be forgotten with such a great compatible group of participants and the amazing weather.  We all could not stopping talking about how fortunate we were to be out on the coast in mid-April with the summer like weather.