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Backpack - Navaho Pass

Beautiful backpacking trip to Navaho Pass and climb of Navaho Peak

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We had a great backpacking trip too Navaho Pass and Peak.   Beautiful scenery the whole way.

Road conditions are favorable with quite a few small and medium potholes, some wash-boarding and cows…yes cows.   Be careful.   We arrived around 10:30 AM at parking lot with about 6 vehicles already in it.   The trail head is a short 100 feet away with a clean restroom, picnic tables and a trash can right there in the parking lot.

The trail is in great condition with no snow on the trail to pass and very little on route to the peak. There are a couple of low water crossing along the way that can be easily negotiate without getting too wet. There are a few small trees down that can be passed without issues.  Plenty of HoPo at various points along the trail too, so watch your step.  At about 3.8 miles in you will run into a T trail intersection.  Hooking a left there will lead you to a beautiful meadow camp that has plenty of camping and a great water sources.  

The hike to Navaho Pass is another .7 miles passed camp.  A small climb into what I can only describe as a moon scape lies ahead on the path to the pass where you are rewarded with beautiful views.   

Even though you have gain a 3000ft from the trailhead to the pass, the elevation gain is very evenly spread out.  Take your time and enjoy the hike.

The climb to Navaho Peak from the pass is a bit different, as the trail is very steep and straight going.   Well worth the effort to get an excellent views of Stuart Range.