Trip Report    

Backpack - Indian Heaven

This was a relaxed easy going backpack to a fantastically beautiful place. No bugs, perfect weather, beautiful lakes, and great people.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was in great condition.  

This was a great Mountaineers trip - relaxed pace, agenda and group.  We were not able to camp per our original plan at Blue Lake as it has become quite popular and there is camping only in established sites.  We camped at Junction Lake which was perfect - about 6 miles in and about 1000 ft gain total.  There were no bugs and berries galore.

We stayed camped at Junction Lake the next day but did a loop hike up the PCT over to Cultus Lake and then back down by way of Lemei Lake.  I took note that there is great camping at Bear and Elk Lakes as well.

The weather was perfect but did get quite chilly at night, even frosting on the meadows and edge of the pond.  Another note climate note, Blue Lake had an extremely chilly wind off the mountain which we did not experience anywhere else on our route.

Water access was good but predominantly still lake water.  There was very little running water available.

Overall a beautiful place and I will definitely be back.