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Backpack - Dosewallips River/Abandoned National Park Road

Easy hike to a great abandon camp site on the Dosewallips River.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail was in good shape. There were a few washed out areas on the trail that they have made trails around and a few rock slide areas that you go over.

We took a group of Mountaineers up to the old abandon camp grounds. Weather was great, the old logging road has been reclaimed by nature most of the way. You will go by a burned out area that caught fire 4 years ago with a lot of tree down. However they have cut a path thru them. There are about 15 camp spot still usable right along the river the other one have been reclaimed by nature. There is one Pit bathroom that is still usable. There are also two trails leading away from the camp ground for some nice day trips. There are also bear containers by the camp site to use. I would make sure you put all of your food items in them. I put everything in ours except  forgot about a very small bags of nuts that I left in my backpack which was in my tent. A mouse chewed it's way into my tent while I was sleeping and then chewed it's way in to my pocket on my backpack and ate them. So make sure you put everything in the bear containers.  We ended the night with hot chocolate and bailey's with jiffy pop popcorn around a camp fire.