Trip Report    

Backpack - Chelan Lakeshore Trail

Always a lovely trip! Stayed at Meadow Creek camp and Stehekin Lakeview Camp - was a great decision to get to Stehekin by night 2, as then we could have a leisurely walk to the bakery the next morning! But a few suggestions in the detail below.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was in excellent condition, though a couple of creek crossings required a bit of climbing up steep dirt and across somewhat shaky logs to avoid changing into water shoes.  There is a fancy new dock at Prince Creek and lots of trail work done there.

We took the Lady Express boat (920 departure) from Fields Point to Prince Creek and then walked from there to Meadow Creek. We started on a Thursday which I would STRONGLY recommend, as there were a dozen people who got off the boat with us on this day but we heard that 120 got off on the next day, Friday!  Camp space is limited along this trail!  But there were plenty of water sources still running so no worries about that.  If you can't find camp space at Meadow Creek, there is a wooded bench about halfway between Cascade Creek and Meadow Creek on the left side of the trail with plenty of flat spots for tents (not an official camp).  Cascade Creek camp is very small and WAY down a steep trail - is usually full with boat campers on weekends.

Meadow Creek had plenty of room for our 6 tents plus several more from a group that came in after us.  Not such great lake views from here but we wanted this camp because it was drizzly and it has a (mostly) watertight shelter!  Water at the creek, toilet box.

On day two we first walked to Moore Point for 'second breakfast' and it's always a lovely spot for relaxing.  Lots of camp spots here, plus a nice toilet building, but too far for beginners to get to on day one and not far enough for day two!  Then we went on, had a late lunch at the place where Fourmile creek drains into the lake - previously had camped here but now clearly signed with NO CAMPING.  From there it's a quick couple of hours into Stehekin.  The Lakeview Camp is to the right before you get to the visitors center, with lots of camps, a flush toilet room at the Visitors Center (with hot running water and soap!!) and a bear locker!  We were able to camp for free without reservations but the reservation requirement started the next week.  The general store was open at the landing, and the restaurant was open for breakfast and dinner.    The next morning we had a relaxed ramble up to the bakery with stop at the organic farm on the way back, before catching the Lady Express (scheduled daparture 1230, actual departure around 1PM).

Dogwoods with HUGE white flowers, some orange paintbrush and LOTS of lupine blooming, and a bush that may be Meadowsweet - very fragrant - was blooming everywhere.  The balsamroot was mostly past.

This trail would be less crowded if you go earlier, even last weekend of April would be fine.