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Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Windy Knob

great little trip. easy to follow route w/maps along the trail until we veered off towards the top along Tronsen Meadow. We skinned up through an old burn which was easier due to most low branches missing, sat at the north side of windy knob for lunch and a great ski back down the open face and back through the burnt trees. started just after 9:00 and back at the trail head by 3:30.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • easy drive to trail head right off hwy 97 just past the summit of bluet pass. trail was well marked and easy going.

parking might be tight if a large number of vehicles, there is a gate about 200' from the hwy w/parking wide enough for two vehicles side to side to the road.

great access, we skinned right from the parking area, the trail easily wide enough for three people side by side for conversation. plenty of arrows marking the trail w/signs at every "Y" and info related to the ease of each route.  lots of places that provided a view of the surrounding mountains. 

we crossed over the southern tributary to Tronsen creek at a low elevation then worked our way towards the peak. several sections that were in the open were a bit wind blown w/firm crust below which made us work on setting a good track w/knees to the hill edging (stomping through the crust more than skinning). but good exercise and rewarded with a beautiful spot at the top (just below the peak) for lunch.

transitioned to ski mode with a great descent down an open face, then through trees that were nicely spaced and clear (due to a past fire) and ended up back on the trail up.

great trip and highly recommended!

P.s. don't discount Diamond Head right next to Windy Knob, we saw great tracks coming down a nice wide open face...