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Anderson Island

  • Mon, Feb 1, 2016
  • Anderson Island
  • Sea Kayaking

Saturday January 30, 2016
Route: Counter clockwise circumnavigation from Steilacoom
Distance: 15.5 nm
Weather: Partly cloudy, Wind SSW 10-15kt, light rain shower in pm
Waves: 1' to 1.5', some whitecapping
Party: Tim Burke, Lisa Johnson, Larry Cowan, Molly Morse
Launched at 8:15am - 15 minutes later than plan due to late arrival of Molly. After launch we had a bit of trouble keeping the group together with one person heading in a different direction enroute to Ketron and then 2 participants splitting from the group on the way across to Anderson. A reminder to me to emphasize sticking together better - particularly on crossings. In this case I had to corral the group as we approached Anderson in order to reduce the chances of the ferry not seeing one or more of the group. Stopped at Eagle Island for a quick break in sunshine. Expected strong headwinds along the west side of Anderson, but the island sheltered us from most of this. Fun paddling along the south end with side waves. Stopped at Andy Anderson park for lunch. Upon rounding Lyle Point we decided to head right towards the south end of Ketron to take full advantage of tailwinds and surfable waves. Lots of fun with a couple of showers and a beautiful rainbow in front of us. Stopped briefly at the north end of Ketron to explain some things about controlling the kayaks in stronger winds and then headed back to the launch. Returned at 2:40pm - 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. A great trip overall and everyone did well.