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Alpine Scramble - West Granite

Beautiful scramble , highly recommended for scramble students . This time of year rock/boulders/snow and bushwacking ,nerveless beautiful views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route was clear snow free till last 100 ft of Granite Look out summit later traverse to W. Granite boulders were snow free till the base of W.Granite.  To the summit of W.Granite its was all snow.

We started around 7:30 am from TH.  It was fog and mist in the morning .Started hiking on trail and around 3400 ft we took the third chute and started scrambling up this gully , we gained 2000 ft and reached on the ridge or Granite Lookout . There was not much snow until the last 100 ft in the gully, both ridges on the gully have some portion of snow but it was overall safe  to scramble up . We reached Granite Lookout and than started our scramble towards west Granite Scramble , we took ridge most of the ridge was snow free till we reached the base of the W.Granite from there snow was all the way up-till peak. Snow was soft but rest steps worked well. From the summit of W. Granite we started traversed and scramble down to towards Ollalie Lake this was quite a scramble on big boulders as there wasn't much snow for glassading. Once we reached down to the lake we hit the trail of Pratt Lake which we followed and went back to the Cars  reached TH around 4:00 pm. Over all very nice scramble from  rock to snow  to boulders and little bit of bushwhacking  beautiful day and strong scramblers.