Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Vesper Peak

Vesper is a great peak with amazing views and very little exposure; it's perfect for beginner scramblers as long as they have the conditioning to handle the elevation gain.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Parking is limited so get there early, especially if you're planning a weekend trip.

    Blueberries were plentiful for grab as you go snacking.

The first half mile of the trail is relatively flat with several stream crossings. Fall colors are just starting to pop so be sure to stop and take a picture - a little color grading on that pic is okay. Take note of Sperry Peak dominating your skyline, teasing you, enticing you; maybe you'll come back and climb it another day. But not today. Today you're here for Vesper.20210923_083309_800x450.jpgNow the elevation gain starts in earnest and it's not going to give you a break until you gain Headlee Pass. Keep your nose down, your pace consistent, and snag those ripe blueberries that dot the edge of the trail - they're delicious and you didn't have to carry them in on your back. Free calories are always a win.

On the way to Headlee Pass it's easy to miss the important right turn switchback. Somebody has created this helpful, but very anti-LNT, marker. Thanks, I think?20210923_144334_800x450.jpg

After Headlee Pass you soon get your first glimpse of Vesper; a marble-white, pyramidal behemoth looming in the distance - it's beautiful... and kind of steep looking. Don't worry, as you get closer it will seem less daunting.20210923_102830_450x800.jpg

The trail up Vesper is really more of a choose your own adventure affair. Just don't go too far left or too far right - that's where the danger lies. Just stay right in the middle... in the sweetspot. There are many cairns to follow if that's more your style.20210923_113506_800x450.jpg

Once at the summit soak in those views; they're spectacular and you've earned them. Good job.20210923_131316_800x450.jpg

And don't forget your obligatory group summit photo. 20210923_130248_800x450.jpg