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Alpine Scramble - Vesper Peak

A successful scramble on a beautiful day despite an awkward amount of snow in places.

  • Road rough but passable
  • There was less snow than I expected on the way to Headlee Pass but more snow than I expected on the peak itself.  I had everyone bring microspikes but we never used them.  Most of the stretches of icy snow on the switchbacks leading to the pass didn't stretch all the way across the path, and where they did there were good deep foot prints.  On the other hand, the snow from the stream up to the summit was soft, and covered most of the route.  It was generally between 6 and 12 inches deep, sometimes more.  The worst sections were where there were just a few inches of snow on steep rock, especially on the way down.  Still, with patience and care everyone managed to ascend and descend successfully and safely.

    The main stream crossing near the start of the scramble is currently a tricky wet boulder hop, easier on the way up than down.  Everyone got across OK both ways, although there was some consideration on the return of wading instead.

It was delightful to be able to do this scramble so late in the season; it was almost too warm at times.  There were clear views in all directions.  RT time was about 8.5 hours; it probably would have been somewhat less without the less-than-ideal snow conditions.