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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Vesper Peak

Trail (brush recently cut back), creek crossing and upper slopes were in great shape. Snow present but could be avoided if needed.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The trail to the tree line was in fairly good shape but for a challenging array of roots to navigate most of the way.  Creek crossings were trouble free with plenty of rocks and logs in place to traverse safely.  Above tree line to Headlee pass was well trimmed in most parts.  The trail below Headlee pass before the long traverse below the pass (about 4000 feet)  is very eroded but passable. Beyond Headless pass was well marked up to granite  slabs. Cairns are present but sparse on the granite slab but heading up is the most route finding needed. If it is foggy, pay attention to the exposure of the right side and bias your travel to the left going up.

After 56 days of dry weather we decided to really get wet with a trip on Vesper on the one day of rain in August.  It was mostly sprinkles below Headlee pass, so we were optimistic on reasonable conditions above.  We probably should have paid better attention to the condition of the folks coming down: in full rain gear and soaked.  When we reached Headlee pass we found out what we were in for: continuous 10 - 15 MPH winds and continuous rain of varying degrees.  But our team pushed on  to reach the summit. Poles were handy on the down hill. Travel time with rests 6.5 hrs, Distance 4.5 miles (per the most expensive device on the team) elevation (~4000 ft) Berries are in the good shape above the tree line.  Thanks to every on the team for making my Mentored climb a success.  Big thanks to the trail maintenance crews for the all the work on the trail.