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Alpine Scramble - Three Way Peak

We went up Three Way Peak and Silver King from Chinook Pass.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was mostly snow free and off trail areas were generally easy to navigate.  There was some loose scree between the PCT and the saddle below Threeway Peak.


Trail from Chinook Pass was snow free most of the way to Sheep Lake except for a few sections in the trees below the lake.  From that point on there was not much snow to navigate.  Took the trail to just below the saddle east of the summit ridge.  From there scrambled up to the ridge.  We were a little too far east so had to drop down to get around a rock outcropping.  Once around went up into a small basin and from there went up the summit ridge.  Only exposed moves were two just below the summit.  The first to edge around a dead tree with some exposure on the north side and the second is the same exposed step in earlier trip reports which is 10 feet from the true summit.  All our party members made it up.  Weather was clear with clouds to the west that we knew were headed our way so we only stayed for a few minutes then headed down.  On the route back down the ridge we found an easier route to the north that brought as back to the saddle.  This route was not visible from below as it is obscured by bushes and a dead tree.

After getting back down to the PCT we retraced our steps for about 1500 feet and scrambled up to the saddle just south of Threeway.  Over the other side of the ridge we went down to a basin and scrambled up in a northeasterly direction.  This brought us to the ridge a little early so we descended about 20 feet and followed game trails to point 6719.  Easy walk on scree and boot paths to Silver King summit from there.  Clouds came in at this point and obscured our views.  After 20 minutes for lunch we stared down and 10 minutes later it began to rain lightly.  This continued off and on until the last mile back the cars at which point it got a bit heavier.