Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Third Burroughs & Skyscraper Traverse

A day of fun and adventure during the calm before the storm!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This trip was rescheduled from Sept. 18th due to that weekend's storm. We really lucked out today though, and enjoyed gorgeous fall conditions with dramatic views from start to finish. Rainier's cloud cap persisted with storm clouds building to the SW. But we enjoyed little to no wind, mostly sunshine with comfortable temps, and leisurely breaks to take it all in. Dark clouds, cold wind, and strong gusts with spits of rain approached as we got close to the Sunrise parking lot around 4:30 - just in time.

    From near Sunrise around 8:30:


    From Third Burroughs:


Given the changing weather, group skill levels, and current pandemic situation, we chose the conservative, least risky route from 3rd Burroughs to Skyscraper Mtn. We bypassed the rock spires along the ridge by traversing beneath it, past the boulder field, and up through trees to the flattish stretch leading to Skyscraper.

View from part of traverse:


Pics from Skyscraper:




From near Sunrise around 4:30: