Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Tamanos Mountain

A pristine valley guarded by stinging sentinels, the northern aspect route of Tamanos might best be done earlier in the season. Originally included a basic rock traverse of Main Cowlitz - Double Peak, but our warmer summer made negotiating the Sarvant Glacier problematical (along with an elevated air quality index the following day).

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Might have gone if we’d brought a couple of ice screws (plus a picket) to protect troublesome spots on the Sarvant Glacier.   Might try earlier in the season next year along with a Goat Island trip just prior to scope out Sarvant Glacier conditions. Just as well that we called it at the meltwater lake owing to elevated air quality readings in the 160s on the following day.


Other than some stinging insects on the northern aspect of Tamanos, we were hopeful of the overall trip until we got a glimpse of the Sarvant Glacier from the col just north of the Tamanos summit.


Our hopes of a successful trip were falsely buoyed by the singing streams and gorgeous flora on the west side of Wright Creek,


But the hopes came crashing down on a closer look of the Sarvant Glacier


Looking forward to a future trip earlier in the year!