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Alpine Scramble - Silver King

9 scramblers had a good day on Silver King with some decent views under the clouds. Snow conditions were less than ideal yet again during this strange spring of 2022.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Much softer snow for this time of year, so it was good to have a fairly large group to share kicking steps.  We did not bring snowshoes; even though they might have been useful here and there, it wouldn't have been worth the trouble to bring them.  Glissading was possible but conditions weren't ideal.  We saw where cornices had collapsed and had caused slides, but our route didn't take us to any areas of possible avalanche.

This was a fairly typical scramble of Silver King except for the soft snow.  There were high clouds with the sun poking through occasionally; there was a light drizzle only at the end of the trip.  Mt. Rainier was  mostly obscured, but the Goat Rocks, St. Helens, Stuart and many other peaks were visible.  We got started at 8:30 (later than planned due to a huge accident in Seattle) and finished around 3:45.  Students all did fine.


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Andy Cahn
Andy Cahn says:
May 26, 2022 09:01 AM

Thanks for kicking all those steps. We used them the next day from the saddle to the summit. Our avalanche conditions were much worse than yours. We kicked off about a dozen large avalanches during our descent, then glissaded down the slopes that our avalanches had cleared of loose snow. Car to car about 11 hours.