Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Sherpani Peak

A great late June snow scramble.

  • Road recommended for high clearance only
  • We took the Paddy Go Easy Pass trail to 5,600 feet, leaving the trail where it switches back at that point. The goal at from here is to get to the saddle between Paddy Go North and the bump immediately to the south of Sherpani. One can go through the woods, or go a bit higher up for stable boulder hopping on gritty boulders underneath Paddy Go North. On the way in we opted for the boulders, on the way out we stayed in the woods. On the route to and from the saddle there were patches of firm snow in the boulders and in the woods. GPS was very useful in locating the trail on the out trip.

    Once we reached the pass, we traversed the east side of the ridge, heading north underneath the bump, taking a break at the saddle between the bump and Sherpani. We then did a rising traverse, eventually going up a wide snow finger aiming for the notch on Sherpani's east ridge at 6,400 feet. All of the traversing was on steep snow. The runout was safe for the most part, but there were boulders sticking out of the snow in places below us which necessitated careful ice ax placements and stepkicking.  

    From the notch, we ascended upwards, eventually corkscrewing around to the north. From there, we ascended granite boulders, through a large "keyhole" to make the final move to the coffin top boulder summit. We descended the same route out. 

The Salmon La Sac road is in very bad condition. I would describe it as a 20 mile pothole. Even vehicles with good suspensions can barely  average more than 20 miles an hour. Also, the Scatter Creek crossing was quite high, and there were two spots immediately after Scatter Creek which had deep water on the roadway. I would recommend that only high clearance vehicles attempt these crossings.