Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Sherpani Peak

Enjoyable rock scramble near Paddy-Go-Easy Pass with good views of the Central Cascades.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road into the trailhead was a little rough (pot holes and washboard). Scatter Creek crossing had some water flowing but was easy to cross. Not to bad as I drove my mini.

    Paddy-Go-Easy Pass trail was in good condition, could use a little brushing down low and a couple of down trees to hop over. Off trail part was in good shape, a couple of snow patch which could be avoided.

Hiked the Paddy-Go-Easy trail to about 5600' (last switchback before pass).


After leaving the trail at the switchback,  we did find an old trail which we followed part of the way as we traverse NW to just below the pass. From there we followed  an old miner's trail to the pass.


From the pass we dropped into a basin crossing the talus field to ridge. Picture of basin with Sherpani Peak poking up over ridge.


From the ridge we dropped into the basin below Sherpani and scramble up the rising ramp to the east ridge.


Working our way through the boulders.


After reaching just below the summit area we worked our way counterclockwise until we found the keyhole which we went though to the summit.


The final step to the summit required an interest move. Great views on summit the one of Daniel is below.


After enjoying the summit area and having lunch we headed down. Great day in the mountains.