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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Satulick Mountain

Successful trip, great conditions

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Bare trail sections the first mile or so.  Then compact snow till the last .75 miles, then it was pretty good snowshowing without much postholing.  Stream crossings were all okay.

Party of 2, took us 4.5 hours to the summit.   Cold temps had the snowpack pretty well solidly frozen.  Boots for the first ~4 miles, then switched to crampons till the last .5 miles, then switched to snowshoes.   A party the day before had left a nice trail making navigation faster, although we had tracks from our previous years trips and knew a couple variations.  The previous days party stopped about 1000ft short and about .5 miles from the summit at a stream crossing. Instead of crossing the stream we went straight up and topped out, headed for the small bump to the side of the summit, then hooked left and ran the ridge the rest of the way.   Snow was softening up on the way down and posted holed here and there but not too bad.