Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Rock Thunder Peak

Great weather for my mentored lead. Had a great strong group that did well route finding and navigating the rocky ridge.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No snow to be found. Mossy rocks were slippery. Veggie belays were healthy.

Took the snow lake trailhead until we crossed the large stream on the east side then took the first boot path heading east towards the peak and basin. The trail leads to a day use area next to the stream drainage. Once at the day use area, there is a boot path available leading most of the way to the ridge. To find the boot path, walk directly to the left of the stream exit. Booth path is not clear, but winds along the stream. Path become clear after a larger stream crossing. The boot path minimizes a lot of bushwhacking.

Gained the ridge at the saddle and continued on the east side until the ridge top became flat and able to be walked on. Once on top of the ridge route finding needed to find "best" way across sections. Took the west side to traverse through trees/brush as well as hit the rock to cross difficult sections.

Coming down, the moss gave us some trouble. It was very slippery. Slippery surfaces was the worst risk of the trip: mossy rocks, loose brush, and wet wood.