Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Putrid Pete's Peak, Web Mountain & Mount Defiance

Nice leisurely day, +2.5 scramble grads.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Dry rock, no smoke, clear sky, warm temps.

Clockwise loop starting from and ending at the Ira Springs TH.

Screenshot from 2021-09-12 08-56-20.png

We gathered 8:30am at the Ira Springs TH, which at the time was about 1/3 empty.

Started 9am along the Putid Pete's Peak Trail, and by 10:15pm am, made it to a clearing with view on McLellan Butte, about halfway up. We could also see a bit of Rainier at a distance.


Took a longer break to refuel, and used the opportunity to put on helmets.


Another hour to another break at a low-angle spot about 500-600 feet below Putrid Pete's Peak, with good views all around.


We arrived at the peak around noon, lots of smiling faces.


While at Putrid Pete's, we took a long break for lunch. A father and a little boy  passed by as we were resting. The dad was about 5 times larger than the boy, but the boy's pack was about 5 times larger than the dad's.  Or maybe the large one was the boy and the small one was the dad? Kids grow up fast these days, you never know.

After half an hour, we started moving towards Webb. This proved to be the most technical section for the less experienced, but everyone passed with flying colors. The traverse to Web took about half an hour. More smiling faces at 1pm.



Another half-hour break at Web, and back to Putrid Pete's for another break. We were moving at a pretty good pace, and on schedule for the anticipated 9-10 hour total car to car, so we took lots of breaks along the way to enjoy the views, and to keep things pleasant for everyone. Participants appreciated the breaks.

Started towards Defiance at around 2:15pm, and converged with the trail coming South from the Thompshon lake about an hour later. Last steep section a couple of hundred feet up, and we were at the top of Defiance at 3:30pm. More smiling faces, and another 30-minute break.


We rolled out for the descent at 4pm. Took an hour to get down to Mason Lake, break for 20 min. there, then 1:30 down from Mason Lake to the trailhead. Back at around 6:45pm, for the total of 9 hours 45 min. car-to-car. Back home before dark.

For two scramble students, this was their last graduation scramble (congratulations), and for the third one, this was one of the last 2 they needed. The 2 scramble grads on this trip were thinking of applying for the Intermediate program (good luck), and clocking in mountain time. The leader appreciated the opportunity to vent after an exhausting week at work. Overall a pretty productive trip.