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Alpine Scramble - Putrid Pete's Peak

A fun evening jaunt with an early rain shower but otherwise dry and pleasant conditions.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road is in decent shape.  Trail section had one log crossing (not difficult) and was snow free.  

The drive to the trail head was accompanied by a rain shower but otherwise uneventful; the road is  in pretty good shape. We started hiking at 5 pm under a light rain shower but we were almost immediately into the tree canopy and did not keep the rain jackets on for long.  We donned helmets for the rocky/scrambling section around tree line and some people stowed away poles to be able to use both hands on rocks and veggie belays.

Once gained the ridge in open terrain, the rain had stopped and the rocks/trail were only slightly damp. Not particularly slippery. The clouds and evening light were playing  cool visual effects and we reached the summit after the last rocky scrambling section in just around 2 hours from the start (including a couple of short breaks). We had an evening snack, signed the register, snapped some photos and 20 minutes later we begun the descent.  There is still snow on Defiance but Web  is also snow-free. Weather stayed dried.  We did not need to turn on headlamps until the last mile or so and some people were still able to see without them on. The entire group was back at the car at 9:24 pm.

Good strong group of scramble students, one assistant leader and a leader who just joined for the fun as a spot opened up in the roster. Competent and safe team!

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