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Alpine Scramble - Putrid Pete's Peak

Surprisingly fun easy scramble close to town.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road is has been recently graded and is in very good conditions.  Of course, it's the Ira Springs trail head so get there early or walk an extra mile for a parking spot.

    The trail up is easy to find and gives you about a mile of warm up before it really starts going up.  There is some blow down and steep loose sections but the trail portion is easy to follow.  It is a climbers trail and not a formal one so it takes more work but this is a scramble route after all.

    Once you clear the trees, you have ~1000' to go.  Easy to follow the spine of the ridge up.  Some sections that you need to actually use your hands and climb a little but nothing serious.  It deserves it's T2 rating.  However, the trip up the ridge has a very good view.  If you found yourself on that ridge in the middle of a hot day it would be miserable. 

    The summit block requires about 20' of easy climbing and is very small.  It drops off steeply to the north.

    Easy enough to navigate and scramble so a good place to build confidence for newer scramblers.