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Alpine Scramble - Pratt Mountain

Our scramble of Pratt was pleasant and straightforward. It was a cloudy day, but most of the clouds were high enough that views were not obscured.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No snow (except for a few tiny patches near the top).  Stream crossings were all easy.  The boulder field between the trail and the summit is stable enough that there was no issue with rockfall.

There were lots of people on the trail this 4th of July, but we encountered nobody else off trail.  Most of the day was a pleasant trail walk.  We followed the trail around to the SW side of Pratt where it is not so steep and you can climb a short distance in the trees to a boulder field that can be followed most of the way to the summit.  Bugs were annoying at times, but a pretty stiff breeze kept them at bay much of the time.  Good views of lots of  nearby lakes and peaks.