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Alpine Scramble - Pinnacle, Plummer & Denman Peaks

Excellent scramble of Pinnacle and Plummer (we skipped Denman due to heat and smoke).

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No snow, and no other obstacles on the route.

The day began sunny and hazy, with smoke gradually getting worse as the day went on.  The hike to the saddle was pleasant, mostly in the shade with an occasional welcome breeze.   We then scrambled Pinnacle, which was challenging for some participants, especially descending, but everyone did OK.   After returning to the saddle, one person who was nursing a recently sprained ankle waited in the shade while the rest of us scrambled the much easier summit of Plummer.   The original plan was to also do Denman, but the heat and increasing smoke sapped our enthusiasm enough to skip that third peak.   We found and enjoyed a patch of delicious berries along the trail on the way down.