Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Freedom & Navaho Peaks

Mellow scramble this time of the year with lovely views and colors.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Paved till about last 4.5miles which is gravel and somewhat washboard, but in good condition.

We started up the Stafford Creek trail at 7:45am.  It was chilly, but it was a nice day.

Before an hour is up,  we see Freedom Peak, our first destination.30159438527_8d7a42d0cb_o.jpgWe continue on the trail till about 4800' where we take a 10 minute break in the warmth of the morning sun.  We then leave the trail heading east towards the Freedom/Navaho saddle.  30159436907_83f29d6cd3_o.jpgWe arrive at the saddle at about 10:15am44376970384_b9526cefc2_o.jpgFrom here, it's about 400' to the summit of Freedom Peak.  There is still a trace of snow and we watch our footing since a bit of ice exist too.  But it's easy to avoid.44376968564_272d897bf4_o.jpgView of Mt Stuart, Navaho Peak and Little Annapurna from Freedom's summit.44376967434_a486f142de_o.jpgMiller Peak to our east.44376965054_cfded55a07_o.jpgAfter a short stay where we enjoy 360 degree views, we retrace our steps back to the Navaho/Freedom saddle.  White county line posts are at the saddle.44376963374_10174ea54a_o.jpg Heading up.  There is a bootpath in the steep scree for the first 400' or so.45048261902_779c9ba98f_o.jpg

Then the bootpath follows a mellow ridgeline for the rest of the way.  Looking back at Freedom Peak.44376958814_053c1d9d6c_o.jpgLooking forward towards Navaho Peak.45097012321_3703c93080_o.jpgLooking northeast from the ridge.45097013811_0b7437db45_o.jpgLooking back at Three Brothers31223592378_7fe71055c8_o.jpg

Stuart and Philip on the summit.45048240162_db58acf803_o.jpgGorgeous view of the Stuart range.45048238102_3e6fb06900_o.jpg

Soon we're on our way down, heading for Navaho Pass.  31223574858_f1b763d1eb_o.jpgAnother Stuart and larch photo.31223577638_10b6c60a1f_o.jpgBack at Navaho Pass and on to the Stafford Creek Trail again.  This is a lollipop loop.44186025025_888fc8833d_o.jpgAnother easy 5.5 miles on an often colorful trail take us back to the TH.44186016765_73bd21f57a_o.jpgAbout 9.5 hours later we're back at the trailhead.  Nice day with some great company.45096977391_0be64c3443_o.jpg