Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Freedom & Navaho Peaks

Mellow scramble this time of the year with lovely views and colors.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Paved till about last 4.5miles which is gravel and somewhat washboard, but in good condition.

We started up the Stafford Creek trail at 7:45am.  It was chilly, but it was a nice day.

Before an hour is up,  we see Freedom Peak, our first destination.We continue on the trail till about 4800' where we take a 10 minute break in the warmth of the morning sun.  We then leave the trail heading east towards the Freedom/Navaho saddle.  We arrive at the saddle at about 10:15amFrom here, it's about 400' to the summit of Freedom Peak.  There is still a trace of snow and we watch our footing since a bit of ice exist too.  But it's easy to avoid.View of Mt Stuart, Navaho Peak and Little Annapurna from Freedom's summit.Miller Peak to our east.After a short stay where we enjoy 360 degree views, we retrace our steps back to the Navaho/Freedom saddle.  White county line posts are at the saddle. Heading up.  There is a bootpath in the steep scree for the first 400' or so.

Then the bootpath follows a mellow ridgeline for the rest of the way.  Looking back at Freedom Peak.Looking forward towards Navaho Peak.Looking northeast from the ridge.Looking back at Three Brothers

Stuart and Philip on the summit.Gorgeous view of the Stuart range.

Soon we're on our way down, heading for Navaho Pass.  Another Stuart and larch photo.Back at Navaho Pass and on to the Stafford Creek Trail again.  This is a lollipop loop.Another easy 5.5 miles on an often colorful trail take us back to the TH.About 9.5 hours later we're back at the trailhead.  Nice day with some great company.


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Matt Kurjanowicz
Matt Kurjanowicz says:
Mon, Oct 8, 2018 9:56 AM

Thank you for the detailed, timely, and useful trip report!