Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Mutton Mountain

Fantastic day on this rarely visited peak!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We started from the White River trail off FR 7174 and connected to the Deep Creek trail.  The overall tread is pretty good, but is eroding badly and in need of major maintenance.  However, many fallen trees have been cleared from the path all the way to the Noble Knob junction. 

    Some little wildflowers on the lower trail and on the summit.  The upper burn area is interesting, but shocking.  The soil is totally dead, seems to be sterile with nothing growing at all.  Lots of holes and tunnels where roots used to be - stay on the path and watch for weak spots.  The fire/heat must have been incredible to kill everything including large trees with thick bark.  It felt like we were walking through a tree cemetery, kind of sad.  Don't go on a windy day.  Trees/branches falling would be a hazard, and you'd breathe too much of the very fine ash.  It was so fine today in a light breeze that some of it went through our clothes and gave us dirty legs in spite of long pants!IMG_9380.JPG

Gorgeous day on Mutton with sunshine, comfortable temps, 360 views, and no other hikers!   No parking permit needed at the trailhead, the road is not paved but is fine for any vehicle.  Not knowing the snow conditions, we carried but did not use micro-spikes and ice axes, and were able to avoid the little remaining snow on the peak.  Participants shared carrying the other standard scramble gear. 

10 miles rt, 3700' gain.  Ascended in 3 hours/3 minutes, and were back to the cars in 3 hours.  Spent almost an hour on the summit, it was hard to leave.